Closed/Expired: Jacques Rougerie Foundation-Institut de France 2016 International Competition in Architecture

Jacques Rougerie Foundation-Institut de France 2016 International Competition in Architecture

Architects, designers, engineers, artists and urban planners are given a unique opportunity to win one of the three prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation – Institut de France by creating innovative and ambitious projects. These architectural projects based on emerging developments and a prospective vision should address some core issues of mankind: greater environmental, industrial and technical responsibilities, while taking sustainable development principles into account: innovative materials, techniques and fundamental advance in design, development, energy saving or natural resources, recycling.


  • Prizes will be awarded, regardless of age, to an individual author or to a team.
  • The contest is open for students, researchers, conceivers, artists, etc
  • Participants can compete individually or in multidisciplinary teams with one team member as a leader referred to as “Project Manager”.
  • An individual contestant can only participate once in the 2016 Competition and with a single project. Multiple applications result into an automatic disqualification be it individual or collective participation
  • Those taking part in the organization of the competition are not allowed to participate either directly or indirectly.


  • Innovation and Architecture for the Sea award – € 10 000
  • Innovation and Architecture for Space award – € 10 000
  • Architecture and Sea Level Rise award – € 10 000

Deadline:- 03-10-2016

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