Closed/Expired: Janssen Germany- Cancer Get Up, Check Up!

Cancer Checkup

For this challenge, we are looking to gather ideas in two categories revolving around cancer checkups:

Before checkups

There are various reasons why people do not go to checkups at their physicians. A lack of awareness, fear of a positive diagnosis, shame of being touched or no willingness to go since there are no apparent symptoms. In this category we recommend that you either think about (1) how to shape new solutions of preliminary checkups, which are complementary to a visit at the physician (e. g. processes at home) or (2) new ideas on how to overcome obstacles that prevent people from going to the physician!

So, what is the key for you and the people around you to go to a checkup? What could be complementary solutions to an appointment with your physician?

Stay in touch!

Going to preventive medical checkups regularly can be a challenge for some people, while others do not see it as a necessity. Some people might want to have a simple, clear method of communication in order to receive support from their relatives, friends, physicians, other caretakers, and insurance companies. Furthermore, people should stay motivated and engaged in the follow-up of their checkup.

How can we shape new means and procedures to encourage checkups on a regular basis?


If you have an idea that does not fall into one of the two categories, but is nevertheless relevant for cancer checkups, you can also use the category “Other” for your idea submission. We appreciate every helpful contribution!

Awards:- Cash Price: 1st €3000, 2nd €2000, 3rd €1000, MVP €1000

Deadline:- 03-12-2017

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