JAVA Programmers competition

JAVA Programmers competition

We are already convinced that there are many gifted programmers and ingenious hackers. Now we want to know who the fastest and most flexible are through the JAVA Programmers competition. After all, we are in the century of speed:TIME = $ Scheduled for February 26 & 27, 2016 in Berlin, Germany, the 2016 IPPC promises an exciting two days of intriguing events and programming competitions featuring 3.000 top up-and-coming programmers.

You must find and fix 9 problems from 3 Java programs (each program includes 3 problems). After you fix all the errors you will automatically play classic Pac-Man. Get 150.000 points in one set and you’ll finish your mission. From a database which includes 500 Java programs (with each one includes 3 errors), our “Charlie Chaplin” random system will choose 3 programs before the start of competition. The drawing process will be displayed on 8 large TVs and so will be visible to all contestants in the room. The database and the “Charlie Chaplin” random system will be available to all participants after the contest.

Award:- 1st $150,000.00 2nd $ 70,000.00 3rd $ 50,000.00 4th $ 35,000.00 5th $ 30,000.00 6th Prize $ 25,000.00 and more

Deadline:- 30-11-2015

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