Jazwings Idea incubation platform

Jazwings Idea incubation platform

Got an Idea for a new game, app, film, toy, story book, comics, animation or all of the above? Let JazWings help you get those Ideas out of your head and onto the shelves…the screen…the web…and around the world!You don’t need to be a designer, a manufacturer, a quality control professional, a marketer and a salesman… We do all the work to help take your brand to the next level!

Here’s how our four-phase process works.Jazwings

There is no catch! Simply put, we launched JazWings because we understand the need to connect the world’s greatest creators with its fanbase, known and unknown. We also understand that not everyone has the financial backing, relationships, or other means to achieve greatness. Success is largely dependent upon the Community Members Votes and comments.

Also together with our sister company, Jazwares, one of the world’s most creative and well-respected consumer product companies, you will have global access to retailers and media outlets that are usually reserved for just a few.

Awards:-  As soon as you reach your crowdfunding goal, you’ll earn a $5,000 Success Bonus from JazWings PLUS you will receive additional participation payments of 5% of the Net Revenues* generated by your Idea.

Deadline:- Not applicable

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