Expired: Jewelry Collection Naming Project

Jewelry Collection Naming Project

A popular jewelry manufacturer is creating a brand new collection targeted at millennials. In a previous project, we asked the Tongal community for Taglines that inspire millennials to celebrate relationships in their own way and on their own schedule – rather than only for engagements or weddings or as expected gifts for larger life events.

Now, we need your help coming up with an incredible Name for this collection. We’ve chosen three Taglines and turned them into Campaign Ideas for you to use as springboards:

  • The Occasion is You: You don’t need a special reason or event to celebrate your love with a gift of jewelry. Don’t wait for the occasion, create the occasion. There’s never a better time than now to let your special someone know what they mean to you.
  • You Make The Rules: Millennials know their relationships don’t have to follow predictable paths. You can celebrate your relationship and the special moments in between when you want to – not when Hallmark tells you to.
  • Jewelry is the New Tattoo: It’s common for millennials to get a tattoo to commemorate their relationship. Jewelry is a great alternative or supplement to a tattoo. Like tattoos, it’s the perfect way to share the story of your love.

Choose one of the Campaign Ideas above and use it as the basis for an inspiring Name for this new jewelry collection. Check out the objectives below for more details.

This Project will be worth a total of $1,000 and consists of a Name Phase. Be sure to read the following information carefully as well as the Official Rules.


PHASE 1: NAME – Come up with a memorable Name for a new jewelry collection. In the “Title” section of the submission form, place your name for the new product, and in the body, feel free to add any notes that you think might support your submission. Each Name winner will receive $250.

Awards:- $1,000

Deadline:- 22-04-2017

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