Expired: Jewelry Manifesto Project

Oil Change Social Awareness

The word “Manifesto” might make you think of Karl Marx or the Unabomber but we’re not talking about personal or political manifestos here. We’re looking for Campaign Idea Manifesto – an elegant declaration of the principles of a brand’s campaign. In other words: it’s an inspiring essay that shows what a Campaign Idea is all about.

This is your chance to tap into your inner poet. Ideally, your Manifesto should:

  • Succinctly sum up a Campaign Idea’s purpose and goals.
  • Inspire readers to want to do more and engage with the brand and the campaign.
  • Leave everyone a little better off for having read it.

The goal of this project is to create an inspiring and emotional Manifesto for a new jewelry collection aimed at millennials. Choose one of the Campaign Ideas listed in the background and expand it into an artful Manifesto in 750 characters or less.

Awards:- $3,000

Deadline:- 25-04-2017

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