Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020

Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020

The role of the designer of a station building shifts from designing a transportation hub without bearing to its surroundings to considering it as an integral part of the city and its district. The analysis of connections and passenger flows both inside and outside play a fundamental role. We need to think about what the station means to the city now and in the future —— Triggianese an architect researcher at KAAN Architecten in Rotterdam and at Delft Technical University in Netherlands

In order to show the Jiaxing’ city characteristics of Jiaxing’s “Red Boat” spirit, internationalization, canal complex and Jiangnan charms, the Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government and Young Bird Plan, an international competition platform, jointly launch the Jiaxing City Bus Shelter Design Competition 2020. The competition is open to global designers and it is committed to recognizing excellent design works through experts’ assessment.

(1) The appearance of urban bus stops can play a role in identifying the image of the city

The appearance of urban bus stops can play a role in identifying the image of the city, allowing people to form a cognitive transformation between the look of the bus station and the image of the city in a subconscious way, to make a direct and efficient connection between the outlook of the bus station and the local city.

(2) The look of urban bus stops can represent urban culture

A successful urban bus station design often goes beyond its own practical value, but becomes the business card of the city. As the first stop of communication with outsiders, the station has been endowed with cultural background and charm. This cultural value is often reflected in the following three aspects:

Commercial culture: The commercial culture of bus stations is largely reflected in the commercial advertisements displayed on them

Public welfare culture: Besides commercial advertisements, more and more public welfare advertisements appear on the information boards installed at bus stops. In addition to spreading the spirit and culture of public welfare, they also told the city’s unique humanism care wordlessly.

Regional culture: The bus station, which represents the city’s culture, is further enlarged, and it is also a manifestation of regional characteristics. For example, the bus station in Harbin presents a European style, and the bus station in Yangzhou is in classic style.


 First Prize

1 winner; 50,000 RMB (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor

★ Second Prize

2 winners; 20,000 RMB each (pre-tax); Certificate of Honor

★ Top 30

27 winners; Certificate of Top 30 Honor

★ Shortlists

Certificate of Shortlist Honor

Deadline:- 10-03-2020

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