Closed/Expired: Johnson & Johnson’s Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge

Healthcare Products QuickFire Challenge

Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) works to ensure that the safety data underpinning all our product are scientifically sound and robust; following from that, it is also an OCMO priority to provide healthcare practitioners, physicians, surgeons, patients and consumers with the most informative data and understanding of the safety of our products so that they may make well informed healthcare decisions.

To that end, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and the OCMO are looking to reward up to $200,000 in multiple grants, and one year of JLABS space, to the individuals or teams who submit the best ideas on how to educate, inform and provide clarity around healthcare product safety.

Awards:- Up to $200,000

Deadline:- 24-05-2017

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