Closed/Expired: KAFe competition


Kaunas architecture festival (KAFe2016) invites to participate in the international exhibition-competition of final projects of university architecture students – both bachelor and master studies – on the topics of the central part of Kaunas town.

The topic of this year’s KAFe2016 – RESTART YOUR CITY CENTER, therefore development of the central part of town and the role of communities in this process is at the focus of the competition topics suggested for consideration of Lithuanian and foreign architecture universities. As a part of KAFe2016, the international contest of final projects by graduate students will be one of the most important educational events of the festival. The announced competition strongly focuses on urban and architectural topics of downtown Kaunas in the students’ final theses. In their projects, students should present conceptual proposals for areas abandoned or needing development, urbanism and architecture of these territories, students are invited to propose new functions for the reappearance of those territories into the city’s fabric, or suggest ideas for utilization of cultural heritage buildings for a completely new function.

Awards:- 1st €1000, 2nd €500, 3rd €300

Deadline:- 25-07-2016

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