Closed/Expired: kasahorow Writers’ Fellowship 2017

kasahorow Writers’ Fellowship 2017

The kasahorow Writers’ Fellowship is a four-month program for writers. The program includes customized writing skills training and guidance to plan, write, and publish books. Through online guidance, fellows choose a subject, do their research, write and publish for the global market. During the 4 months, fellows submit 6-7 online assignments, and take part in one-on-one calls with peers, and kasahorow staff. Fellows build their knowledge in, and receive hands on practical training in topics such as Selecting a subject, Researching your subject, and Writing for a language newbie.

Fellows will have to

  • Contribute 5-7 hours per week to work on assignments;
  • Submit assignments on time, and make suggested corrections;
  • Submit only your own original work, not a copy of existing material;
  • Collaborate with kasahorow to publish, promote and sell your books.


Benefits of the fellowship include

  • Improved knowledge, skills, and confidence in writing;
  • The opportunity to write, publish and sell books in partnership with kasahorow;
  • A network of fellow writers from Africa and its diaspora.

Deadline:- 31-05-2017

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