Keyport Modular Multi-Tools

Keyport Modular Multi-Tools

Two next gen all-metal modular Keyports + Bluetooth low energy locator & pocketknife add-ons + KeyportID online lost & found program


We want to develop an everyday carry platform that thoughtfully integrates your most essential personal items (keys, pocket tools, and smart tech) that would otherwise be attached to a bulky keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse.  Our goal is to help you build your own customized universal access device that is one of the three items you carry with you every day (Keyport, wallet, phone), that complements your smartphone, and that fits your personal needs and style.

We are proud to move closer to that objective with the introduction of TWO new Keyports, the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the Keyport Pivot 1.0, which represent the next generation of modular, totally customizable, everyday multi-tools that you will use a dozen times a day…every single day.

It also features an easily removable end cap along with a great new minimalist lanyard attachment that locks in place when not in use.

Product Highlights

  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Nickel-plated brass Nodes
  • Soft-Touch removable side plates
  • Easily removable end cap
  • Low profile lanyard attachment which locks in place when not in use
  • 4-port & 6-port versions
  • Compatible with all Keyport Blades, including a wide range of chipped auto & moto keys
  • Tech & tool modules optional

The Slide 3.0 is compatible with all previous Keyport Blades and inserts excluding the bottle opener and mini-light. We have replaced the mini-light with two modular options – the locator module that includes a light (between 4 and 6 lumens) or the more powerful mini-flashlight (approx. 12 lumens). We are working on a new bottle opener for the 3.0. Transponder chips embedded in existing chipped barcode inserts or chipped side plates will need to be transferred to the new modular chip side plate that is compatible with the 3.0.

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