KOKUYO Design award 2020

KOKUYO Design award 2020

The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is an international competition for user-centric product design, where the best of the best are actually put on the consumer market. The theme for this competition is “♡”. We have deliberately not defined the reading of “♡”. How to read and interpret this symbol is completely up to the applicant to decide. We would like you to allow your imagination to flow as freely as possible as you think about the expectations contained within “♡”. The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD has been seeking designs that create new value for KOKUYO and society as a whole ever since its founding. Although we have focused on carefully providing stories and scenes in recent years especially, we have decided to set the theme as “♡” this year in order to promote the creativity and inspiration of the applicants above all else. We hope to see more flexible and bolder designs this year compared to previous years. We look forward to seeing the amazing, intuitive and inspiring works that will transform what we thought of as “normal” in this world. “Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes” are eligible. As all tools used in everyday life are eligible, and not just stationery and furniture which are KOKUYO’s main product categories, we expect more flexible ideas.


Grand Prix (one from all entries)  ¥2,000,000 (about $18,000), Merit Award (three from all entries)  ¥500,000 (about  $4,500) / winner

Deadline:- 18-10-2019

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