KPIT Sparkle 2016 innovation competition

Sparkle innovation competition

In today’s technology‐driven world, students are best equipped to come up with original, transformative ideas that have the power to make a difference to the worldsparkle-2016

KPIT and COEP come together again to launch the second pan‐India innovation competition, KPIT SPARKLE 2016. Today, energy and transportation are two of the biggest challenges we face as a nation, offering the highest opportunities for breakthrough solutions. Therefore the theme for this year’s contest is, ‘Smart Solutions for Energy and Transportation’.We invite India’s brightest young students to present world‐changing ideas for transforming energy and transportation sectors.

 Awards:-Platinum Award – 10 Lakh.Gold Award – 5 Lakh,Silver Award – 1 Lakh,Awards for top three poster designs: 75,000, 50,000, and 25,000

Deadline:-20th September 2015

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