Closed/Expired: KPIT Sparkle innovation competition for youth innovators

KPIT Sparkle innovation competition for youth innovators

Can you make every city a smart city? Here’s your chance to innovate a smart and meaningful solution.

The contest is open to all Students of Science and Engineering background at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. It is expected that by the year 2030, 40% of the Indian population will become part of urban areas. The massive urbanization will bring with it huge complexities and sustainability issues for existing cities, especially the tier-2 and 3 ones. It would entail massive overhauling of our infrastructure, public services and access to growth opportunities for the citizens. We at KPIT envision every city to be a SMART CITY. Can your idea turn this vision into a reality.

 Awards:- 12 Lakhs
Deadline:- 31-08-2016