Closed/Expired: Lay’s packaging – make life flavorful contest


We have a new series of three contests for Doritos, Lay’s and Cheetos. They all involve different snacking occasions and challenge you to amaze us with new product ideas. Participation in all three contests is not mandatory, although we believe that if you are able to create for one, you can also do well for the others.

Millennials grew up in a time of instability, but they approach their lives with optimism. They believe that things can always be better, and they seek it out in everything they do. With technology today, they are constantly exposed to new ideas and cultures, so they are curious about the world around them. Because of that, they value the experiences they have over the belongings they own.

They are open to the world around them. Seeing the world in a new or different way makes life more interesting. They like hanging out with their tribes and the fun times together are crucial to them.

They are “Flavor Seekers” and they love Lay’s chips.

For over 80 years, Lay’s has always been about one thing: Simple, tasty potato chips.

Lay’s has grown to become the #1 snack brand in the world, loved wherever they are. Today, people want their brands to have a point of view. So Lay’s takes a stand of its own. It champions what the brand has always been about – “Bringing flavor to the world.”

Lay’s lives by four values: Simplicity, quality, variety, and fun – and holds these central core beliefs:

  • “A different perspective makes life interesting.”
  • “Lay’s brings the world flavor.”
  • “Life should be full of flavor”.

Lay’s seeks to feed curiosity and help make lives more flavorful – especially for its core consumers. But flavor is more than just Lay’s chips. It is a statement. Lay’s adds flavor to any experience, to excite and delight Millennials with compelling content and delicious snacks, to help make their lives more flavorful.

Now, we are looking for ways of bringing even more flavor to the world through eye-catching and newsworthy packaging! Got some ideas?

Creative Challenge

Come up with lighthearted, fun and newsworthy packaging to help Lay’s make life flavorful.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 07-01-2018

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