Closed/Expired: Leaf Academy High School Program

Leaf Academy High School Program

LEAF Academy is an international boarding high school with focus on entrepreneurial leadership, Central European studies and character education. The campus is based in Bratislava, Slovakia – with great access to Vienna, Budapest, Prague or Maribor.

LEAF Academy offers both a 4-year and 2-year high school program. Our unique curriculum intertwines rigorous academic practices through the courses, that prepare students for AP® International Diploma or AP® Capstone Diploma with the development of leadership, values, and character through our own Entrepreneurial Leadership, Central European Studies, STEM and Character development programs.

LEAF Academy has an extensive scholarship program offering grants up to 98% of the total school fees to all admitted students depending on their individual needs.


  • LEAF Academy is an international community of like-minded people who are at the same time diverse in their strengths and interests.
  • Some students search to excel in academics and are striving for best universities, others have an eye for opportunities around them and are eager to execute their own entrepreneurial ideas, then there are those who demonstrate strong character or are heavily engaged with local communities.
  • Does any of those sound a bit like you? Then you will truly develop your talents in our school.

Deadline:- 07-03-2018

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