Closed/Expired: Lemonade Packaging innovation contest by Eyeka

Lemonade Packaging innovation contest by Eyeka

Do you love lemonade? It is very refreshing, perfect for a sunny day out, making you feel hydrated and cooled down. Now, with consumers more conscious about keeping fit and searching for more natural products, beverages with these classic flavors are starting to appeal to them again.

Although health-conscious adults seem to want lemonade, we don’t find much choice among the shelves of Europe’s shops. Why?

Our sponsor, a soft drink manufacturer, believes it has a role to play, and is creating a new lemonade drink for adults. It believes its product deserves a space in the supermarket, next to the other beverages, because it’s simple, natural and fresh.

What would be a great packaging approach for lemonade? What should it communicate and offer people to become their favorite drink?

Creative Challenge

Create attractive packaging and graphic design for a natural and refreshing bottled lemonade.

A European beverage company is launching a bottled lemonade brand for adult men and women who are looking for a refreshing beverage, yet don’t want to feel guilty. They are urban, experimentalists and are concerned about keeping fit. That’s why they try to avoid carbonated soft drinks.

The new lemonade our client is creating does not have its visual cues yet. Its identity is not well defined, and they are looking for inspiration to bring to life their brand identity.

This brand wants people to associate naturalness, freshness and simplicity to its lemonade and appeal to people who are searching for a more natural, refreshing beverage.

There is no limit to your design, as long as it is simple and eye-catching.

We’d like you to create a graphic design, based on the fake brand “LEMONADE”, and generate the packaging for it. You can use a can or a bottle (glass and plastic are fine). Invent a visual identity for it and tell us why you think these visual codes would appeal to our target market.


Jury’s Prize

  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 31-07-2016

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