Let’s Make Smart Things Green: Solar Proximity Beacons

Let's Make Smart Things Green: Solar Proximity Beacons

iBeacon & Eddystone compatible OPEN Beacon platform. Never need to change batteries may be forever.

What are EKOOR Proximity Beacons

EKOOR Beacons are Apple iBeaconTM and Google Eddystone TM compatible Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that are exclusively powered by solar/indoor light. The light is harnessed by a highly efficient photovoltaic cells on the Beacon. The beacons also consist of backup batteries to power, when sufficient lighting conditions are not met. As such it has the longest lifetime of any Proximity Beacon out there.

Battery Powered Beacons are generally good for one to two years with nominal settings. But with EKOOR Beacons, you don’t have to think about changing batteries again

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