Lime smart lock

Lime smart lock

Meet LIME, The most feature rich smart lock ever designed. Affordable and feature rich, LIME is the smart lock you’ve been waiting for.

Created to replace your mechanical deadbolt, LIME’s thoughtful design eliminates the frustration of lost keys and bulky keychains.

With the rich features provided by LIME, you get the most convenient and secure user experience under every circumstance – whether you’re coming home with hands full of groceries, leaving for work, going out for a run, locking up for an extended vacation, or welcoming Airbnb guests.

You also have the ability to set temporary passcodes for others, making home security management easier than ever before.

LIME’s keyless technology gives you peace of mind with Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, touch keypad passcode capability, and Internet monitoring and controlling through your phone.

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