Closed/Expired: Lipton Iced Tea Innovation challenge by Eyeka

Lipton Iced Tea Innovation challenge by Eyeka

In our eYeka contests, we talk more and more about Millennials.  We know you know them, love them and some of you are part of them. You know that Millennials have a thirst for new experiences, love to learn, grow and take part in activities that have an element of risk and adventure.

You probably know that this generation cares a lot about wellness. What they eat and drink is very important to them and they like products that do good to their minds and bodies and help them cope with daily challenges. Their conception of wellness is also about feeling vibrant and vital and not letting anything too serious get in the way. They like beverages that further boost their energy with vitamins and minerals.

This challenge is about Millennials and Lipton Iced Tea. Iced Tea is a beverage Millennials like as it’s perceived to be a ‘healthier’ drink that   refreshes and uplifts their mind and body.

The challenge for you is to reinvent Lipton Iced Tea by radically disrupting the category, to attract more people. There are two innovation routes to pick from (with prizes for each)

Creative Challenge

Invent a new Lipton Iced Tea drink that fits into one of the following routes:

  • Great Taste No Sugar
  • Enhanced Replenishment


  • #1 Prize Pool A (€2,500)
  • #2 Prize Pool B (€2,500)
  • #3 Prize Pool A (€750)
  • #4 Prize Pool B (€750)
  • #5 Prize Pool A (€500)
  • #6 Prize Pool B (€500)

Deadline:- 09-10-2016

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