Closed/Expired: Logo Contest for the State Airports Authority of Turkey

Logo Contest for the State Airports Authority (DHMI)

The purpose of this Logo contest is to design a new logo for the State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHMI).

“Established in 1933 and named in 1956 as State Airports Authority, which is its name today, the institution has a range of duties that include managing airports, performing ground services, carrying out air traffic control services, establishing and operating air navigation systems and facilities, and raising all the existing systems and services to the level and standards of modern aeronautics. Besides, it assumes the responsibility of founding training institutions in which to train staff according to the world standards in aeronautical fields of specialization, as well as managing these institutions”.

Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 entries.

• 1st prize: 30.000 TL
• 2nd prize: 10.000 TL
• 3rd prize: 5.000 TL

Deadline:- 30-12-2015

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