Closed/Expired: Logo design contest for the Winter Cycling Congress 2018

Logo design contest for the Winter Cycling Congress

The contest is organised by the Russian cycling advocacy project Let’s bike it!

The object of the contest is to create a logotype and key identity elements for the 6th Winter Cycling Congress which will take place in Moscow on February 8-10, 2018.

The Winter Cycling Congress, initiated by the Winter Cycling Federation, takes place annually since the year 2013. It gathers hundreds of experts from every corner of the globe to discuss the opportunities for the cycling mobility in the cold climate cities as well as building and supporting year-round cycling infrastructure and promoting cycling culture in the northern countries. The last-year congress took place in Montreal, Canada, and attracted more than 400 participants. Moscow was chosen to be the next host city among various applications submitted.

Awards:- The winner will receive 70,000 Rubles (1000 €).

Deadline:- 22-07-2017

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