Closed/Expired: Luxy Chair Design Award

Luxy Chair Design Award

New product design contest on Luxy and Desall invite you to propose a new upholstered chair for indoor use, with a modern and refined design, conceived for both the contract and the residential sectors.

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Luxy relies on your talent for the design of a new upholstered chair for indoor use, with a modern and refined style, specifically conceived for the contract and residential sectors.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology: you are invited to propose the design for an upholstered chair for indoor use, comfortable, with a modern style and apt for various contexts of use. Accordingly, the versatility of the chair will be of the utmost interest, opening up the possibility to employ different types of legs.

Where to use: the chair researched by Luxy shall be conceived for indoor use and will address the contract sector, including hotels, waiting rooms, offices, common areas, etc. in addition to the residential sector.

Shape and functions: your chair shall have a refined and modern design; the possibility of stacking the chairs is welcomed but not fundamental.

Materials: the chair you propose will employ internal structures made of metal and/or wood. The lining might be realised in fabric and/or leather, with the possibility to choose from the various options already offered in the Luxy catalogue (see Material files) or, at your discretion, you may also suggest new solutions and materials. If your design implies the employment of an outer shellyou are not allowed to use plastics or wood for it, as there are already other chairs in the catalogue with these features (see for ex. Prima or Epoca and other products on ).

Production technologies: the upholstery of the chair will be realised through cold-foamed polyurethane and it will be covered as explained in the preceding paragraph.

Size and weight: the size of your upholstered chair shall comply with the standardadopted for this product typology. There are no constraints regarding the weight of the chair, but you are nevertheless invited to consider that it shall be handy enough for transportability and stacking.

Style and colours: your upholstered chair shall have a modern and very refined design, paying particular attention to the brand style and compliance. For more indications about the Luxy style and current catalogue, you are invited to have a look at their website available at: In particular, you are invited to look at the Meraviglia, Epoca and Prima chairs, that your chairs shall NOT directly compete with in terms of aesthetics. The customisation of the chair will be possible thanks to the ample range of colours available in the 450 fabrics and/or leather options offered by the Luxy catalogue (see Material files ). Proposals offering a meaningful degree of customisation will be of the greatest interest. The legs and armrests can be customised and/or covered with different colours and materials (metal, wood, leather and/or fabrics), as per the Luxy catalogue.

1st: Royalties (with €2000 of advance on royalties)
The selection of the winner by Luxy will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Deadline:- 22-10-2017

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