Makers Against Drought challenge

Makers Against Drought challenge

Do you miss water as much as we do? The California water crisis is causing an enormous drought in agriculture, jobs and revenue. That’s why Samsung is hosting Makers Against Drought, a $100,000 challenge to makers who want to help solve the California water crisis with good technology and good ideas.

The Internet of Things can change the world, and we’re offering our new ARTIK platform to help. As part of your solution, ARTIK has the power and flexibility to collect data at all scales of water consumption for new insights.

Makers Against Drought is about building, and the competition happens in two stages. In the Challenge Building Period, makers submit their best solutions using ARTIK. Finalists will be selected to complete their solution in the Finalist Building Period, leading up to the Grand Prize.

Awards:- $90,000 Grand Prize

Deadline:- 31-01-2016

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