Closed/Expired: Man AHL Coder Prize

Man AHL Coder Prize

We are excited to announce that the Man AHL Coder Prize code bundle is now available and the competition is open for submissions. Using your programming skills, create an algorithm to beat those of other entrants in the classic game of Hexplode (is based on an idea by J. Ansell published in Personal Computer Magazine, 1982.) All you need is access to a computer and the internet, and to be able to commit at least a few hours to developing your algorithm. All entrants must use the Python programming language, but don’t worry: prior knowledge of Python is helpful, but not required. The closing date for entries is 15th January 2016. The top 8 entrants will be invited to attend the finalist’s ‘Code Off’ at the Man AHL office in the City of London on 12th February 2016.

Awards:- £5000

Deadline:- 15-01-2016

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