Closed/Expired: Mango Vinyl Hub competition

Mango Vinyl Hub

The world is witnessing resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records. The vinyl renaissance reminds us that records, unlike downloaded digital music files, are tangible objects that can be collected and experienced in a more tangible and personal way. In 2014, some 900,000 vinyl albums were sold in the UK alone, indicating that digital is not the only way to listen to music.

Bee Breeders, in cooperation with Cesis Municipality and Mango Vinyl, recognise the importance of vinyl with the Mango Vinyl Hub architecture competition. In this open competition, participants are invited to submit their visions for a multipurpose building to be located in Cesis, Latvia. Participants are asked to present a vision for a structure that would accommodate the following functions: a vinyl factory, vinyl store, café, exhibition area, and a co-working space, as well as additional functions that would be defined by the participants themselves.

The location for the proposed complex is an abandoned tin foil factory. Participants are recommended to retain the existing building structure; however, changes can be made if they fit in with their design proposal. The building should be considered as the first stage in redeveloping the block by transforming it into a creative park, acting as an anchor to draw interest and investment from other parties.

In this regard, participants are also tasked with considering theMango Vinyl Hub in a wider context – proposing ideas and visions for the potential further development of the block in the future. Cesis Municipality will award “The Big Picture” award to the best area development proposal.

Mango Vinyl is committed to the development of the Mango Vinyl Hub during the 2017-2018 period with all winning entries and honourable mentions being put forward for consideration for the final design of the complex.



1st prize: US $3,000
2nd prize: US $1,500
3rd prize: US $500


+ 6 Honourable mentions

Deadline:- 19-04-2017

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