Closed/Expired: Mars City Design competition

Mars City Design competition

The cornerstone of Mars City Design is the International Design Competition, which recognizes excellence and gives out prize awards in different design categories to participants ranging from students to architects, engineers, urban planners, biochemists and other fields.

In the competition, visonaries from around the world come together contributing different facets of a common goal – designing, innovating and presenting important aspects of the first cities on Mars. DESIGNS FOR A CITY ON MARS An actual, expanding city on Mars, home to many thousands of people as envisioned by great visionary leaders like Elon Musk and many others, will – just like a city on Earth – require a multitude of services, a complex infrastructure, possibilities for social life and relaxation, health care, communications, transportation, and maintenance. The Martian environment and the distance from Earth require new ideas and solutions for many of these needs. The Mars City Design competition brings together people from all around the world to design solutions, large and small, simple or complex, for creating the first city on Mars.

Awards:- 3 months at the Mars City Design space incubator and innovation lab

Deadline:- 29-02-2016

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