MeArm Pi – Build your own Raspberry Pi powered robot arm!

MeArm Pi

The MeArm Pi is the world’s first robot arm kit for the Raspberry Pi. Build it and take control of the world around you!

The MeArm Pi Kit is a build-it-yourself robot arm that’s controlled by your Raspberry Pi. It includes a standard Pi HAT which attaches to your Raspberry Pi and has a couple of on-board joysticks to control it. Because it’s connected to the Pi you can program it through any of the various programming languages that already run on the Pi. There’s also free software available which lets you program it through a web interface using drag and drop programming environments like Scratch and Blockly or with Python and Javascript for the more experienced.


The MeArm Pi has been designed from the ground up to be easy to assemble so that children can get build it themselves (adults too of course). We’ve reduced the number of screws in this version of the arm and we even include an allen key so you can start building without having to hunt for the right tools. By using Allen key screws it’s easier for kids to build than using a screwdriver which is more prone to slipping.

Here’s a more detailed build video if you’d like to follow the process:

People ask how old children have to be to build this kit and of course it depends on the particular abilities of the child but 11+ is our estimate of a reasonable build age. Of course some 9 year olds will be wondering what all the fuss is about! If you’re uncertain as to suitability, check out the build video above to see exactly what’s involved.

Everything you need to use it except the Raspberry Pi (unless you order that from us too of course!). After years of experience shipping Servos as part of our existing kits we only ship it with quality metal gear servos. It comes with the allen key you use to assemble it and there are no other tools required. We’ll be giving the packaging the same level of attention to detail as Mirobot has had so it will be a good unboxing experience.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Plastic parts for the structure of the arm
  • Allen key screws for easy assembling
  • Allen keys so you don’t need your own tools
  • 4 Metal gear servos
  • A Raspberry Pi HAT with two on-board joysticks

The MeArm comes in both blue and orange and you’ll be able to choose which colour you’d like once we send out our survey.

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