MENA Scholarship Programme

MENA Scholarship

The overall aim of the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) is to contribute to the democratic transition in the participating countries. It also aims at building capacity within organizations by enabling employees to take part in short courses in the Netherlands.

While the scholarship is awarded to individuals, all candidates must be nominated by their employer to be able to participate. The need for training has to be demonstrated in the context of the organization the applicant is employed by.


The MENA Scholarship Programme offers around 140 scholarships a year to professionals. They are distributed proportionally among the participating countries. Ideally, half of the scholarships are allocated to female applicants.

  • Scholarship Duration: Scholarships are available for short courses with a duration between two and twelve weeks.
  • Scholarship covers: An MSP scholarship is a contribution to the costs of the selected short course and should supplement your salary which you must continue to receive during the study period. The scholarship covers subsistence allowance
    • International travel costs
    • Visa costs
    • Course fee
    • Medical insurance
    • Allowance for study materials
    • The allowances are considered to be sufficient to cover your living expenses during the study period.

Deadline:- T.B.A

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