Closed/Expired: Mental Wellness in Professions Challenge

Mental Wellness in Professions Challenge

Imagine walking down the street and a complete stranger stops you and says …

“Your idea saved my husband’s life. Our children know he’s with them again. I can see light in his eyes when he looks at me. And It’s not just my husband you saved. I know there are many people who are being saved by your idea, men and women, and whilst you’ll never meet them, I just wanted you to know how much you are making a positive change in the world.”

How can smaller professional service firms (i.e. under 50 employees) be incentivised to incorporate a focus on mental wellbeing in the workplace?

These firms are already hamstrung with regulations and lack resources in some areas, so any idea submissions will have to show they are cost-effective and firms do not feel as though an obligation is being placed on them.

Refer to the challenge Guidelines for additional information.

Be bold, be creative, but most of all, be innovative!

Awards:- $1,000

Deadline:- 30-10-2017

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