Closed/Expired: Microsoft hollow lens app ideas contest

Microsoft hollow lens app ideas contest

The Microsoft HoloLens community is bursting with spectacular ideas for how holographic computing will transform our world. We believe the most incredible HoloLens apps will come out of ideas you imagine together.


Share your ideas for the Microsoft hollow lens app ideas contest. During this time, we’ll guide you through development aspects, identifying which concepts would best leverage HoloLens capabilities and be great use cases, and sharing with you how you could build them. Your ideas can grow and evolve based on feedback from the team and from the community.

The three most viable ideas—as reviewed by our development team—will be put up for a final vote on Twitter. The winning idea will be created by our experienced HoloLens development team of designers, artists, and developers. You’ll be part of weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more. Take a front row seat to see how it comes to life.

Once we’re done, we’ll open source the code so the HoloLens community can start building from it.

Be a part of the first community-sourced HoloLens experience. We can’t wait to see what you imagine.

Microsoft said it’s running the contest to show developers what’s possible on Microsoft HoloLens, and to help them learn how to develop for it. “We want to share our knowledge with the community, and understand what information and support you will need when you start developing your own ideas,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Jeremy Joachim, Whitmore’s fellow research analyst at Greenlight VR, told us the contest may or may not result in the most compelling piece of content for HoloLens, but it will most likely fulfill its goal of keeping people interested by dazzling them with technology.

“This is a good way from a marketing perspective for HoloLens to keep in touch with what users want to see without making them go through the process of developing an app themselves,” said Joachim. “And there isn’t really a better way to assess what the people want to see than by crowdsourcing.”

The HoloLens uses a special set of Windows Holographic APIs that track such input stimuli as the user’s gaze. The Windows 10-powered HoloLens prototype, will be released as a developer kit for $3,000, is set to ship during the first quarter of next year.

Awards:– App development chance with Microsoft for the new Hollow lens

Deadline:- 11-01-2016

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