Closed/Expired: Miele Washful thinking innovation challenge


Develop ideas, products & services that will innovate, inspire & improve the process of doing our laundry in the future.

Laundry – it’s definitely not a labor of love! Much rather a never-ending daily chore that we’re all too familiar with. And it’s always the same: time-consuming and tiresome. A bit of a nuisance.

Miele, the internationally renowned manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances – including washing machines and tumble dryers – needs your help to add new inspirational chapters to the old laundry story.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to rewrite the old laundry care process, by adding unexpected twists and fresh ideas that will impact the way we do our laundry in the future!

Break the current cycle – with your ideas!
The laundry care process has numerous phases. It begins when you take off a worn garment and put it in the laundry basket. It finishes when that garment is freshly ironed and ready to wear again. And a lot happens in between. Miele is looking for ways to make the typical laundry journey easier, more effective – and maybe even enjoyable.


Miele wants to prove that they think further than “just” building the world’s best washing machines and dryers – and become the number one household name when it comes to the “ultimate end-to-end laundry process.”

Task Definition

Add inspiration, innovation and improvements along the laundry care process. Your submissions can include anything: a practical product, an amazing accessory, a new service or any other smart solution. Whatever helps to get the job done better than today.

You have the opportunity to reimagine the way we do laundry – and therefore touch on some very interesting questions for the future.

Some questions to consider:

  • Will every household need its own washing machine?
  • Will new shared laundry programs, services or spaces evolve?
  • What new laundry-related services, products, accessories could emerge?
  • Will digitization and connectivity disrupt our established old washing routines?
  • How will the megatrends sustainability, urbanization and demographic change impact the way we do laundry?

You can choose which step(s) of the process you want to improve.

  1. Improvement of one process step
    If you have an idea to improve one step of the process, share it with us. This could be a special self-cleaning detergent drawer that prevents odors or a self-closing washing machine door that keeps you from running into it. It’s entirely up to you.
  2. Multiple-process-step innovation
    You can also choose to improve multiple steps of the process, ideally connected with one another. An example of this could be the detergent cartridge that allows for multiple wash cycles without having to add detergent every single time. One cartridge could enable up to four weeks of washing which equals less laundry hassle! Show us how your new redesigned components would fit into the whole process.
  3. Innovation of the entire process
    Finally, you can choose to explore exciting new territory and tell us how the entire laundry process could be revolutionized. How will the megatrends sustainability, urbanization, digitization, water and resource scarcity, population explosion etc. impact the way we do laundry as individual households and as a society?

Tell us about your personal laundry experience.
When developing your ideas, please describe the problem(s) you encounter when doing your laundry on a daily basis.  Where do you see the biggest issues and opportunities for improvements? Share your experience with us – this will provide valuable insights for Miele. Please use the ‘Submission Template’ to reflect this.

Submitting early pays off – Introducing new prizes

We know that submitting early is the best way to develop your idea to full potential, solve the client’s problem and also have your ideas licensed. To encourage early submitting, feedback and focus on the client’s preference, we have introduced some new prizes:

First week awards – After the first week, the client will reward up to three of the best concepts. Submit your ideas early to be in with a chance of earning prize money and client recognition. If the client doesn’t award all three, the awards will be given at the end of the project and the client will provide brief feedback outlining their decision.

Halftime awards & feedback session – Submit your concepts before the half-time deadline and be in with a chance of receiving one of three half-time awards, PLUS we are introducing a new feedback session. If you submit by half-time you will be invited to join an exclusive webinar with a senior creative strategist and the creative guide to gain insights into the client’s feedback and the submissions submitted. This will help you further develop your idea.

Client shortlist award – The client shortlist is an award that is selected by the client, but does not include a license. You gain client recognition, earn €500 and you keep the rights to your idea.

Jury award – The lucky winner of the jury’s choice award will receive a top-of-the-line Miele washing machine of their choice. Please be aware that the availability of washing machine models may vary depending on where you live.
The winner will receive a list of models available in their country.

Target Group

Everyone who has to do laundry. This could be a young single with a busy professional and social life, families with lots of kids and lots of laundry, mothers with babies, professions with a strong affinity to textiles, or older people who require a less strenuous way of managing their laundry workload at home. But ultimately it’s about you, the jovoto creatives.

What ideas and improvements will make your personal laundry experience less of a hassle in the future?

Integrate the laundry process into the living environment
One particularly important group to keep in mind here is the growing number of single and two-person households in densely populated urban areas. They usually have to incorporate their laundry routine into their living space and do not have a dedicated laundry room. Think about how new laundry solutions can be integrated into shrinking housing space and smaller living areas.

Laundry is a sensitive issue
Factor hygiene expectations into your concepts for shared washing machines, spaces and/or services etc. Many people are very touchy when it comes to cleanliness or perceived cleanliness. Think of how you could help ease people’s minds in this regard.

You can choose a one-solution-fits all approach or you can choose a targeted innovation that will solve a specific need of one of the target groups listed above.


Your ideas should add a good dose of intelligent inspiration to make everybody’s daily laundry load a little lighter.

Guidelines, regulations & comments

Required file format
You are free to use a wide range of formats. Visual concepts like key visuals, doodles, images, info graphics, renderings and animations are preferred. In order to present your submission, you might be asked to supply printable files (such as PDF) with a high resolution (300dpi).

Project Kit
Every project on jovoto has its own Project Kit which can include logos, typefaces, technical drawings, company details, current communication examples, market research results, inspirational materials – and last but not least the project submission templates.

Project templates
Many projects on jovoto contain project templates. These templates are designed to help you communicate the essence of your idea on 1-2 slides. This helps us to make the large amount of ideas on the platform more accessible to the client.

To ensure that your project is given a proper review by the client, we kindly ask you to use the template(s) provided in the Project Kit. Please download the Project Kit and fill out the provided templates.

  • €1,2501st place
  • €1,0002nd place
  • €7503rd – 4th place
  • €5005th – 8th place
  • €3509th – 11th place
  • €25012th – 15th place
  • 4 x €500Client’s Shortlist (without license fee)
  • 2 x €2,500Clients Choice (incl. licensing fee)
  • 1x top washing machine
  • €500Best Collaboration
  • €200Best Feedback
  • 3 x €500 First Week Award
    3 x €500 Halftime Award

Deadline:- 20-04-2017

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