Closed/Expired: Mined Open Innovation Challenge

Mined Open Innovation Challenge

Minerals and metals are essential to modern life and are the irreplacable building blocks of new technologies. Mining contributes significantly to the economic wellbeing of Ontarians. The province is also among the world’s safest, cleanest and most socially-responsible places to mine. For example, Ontario has some of the world’s lowest carbon nickel, so mining it here means reducing overall global greenhouse gas emissions. To continue being competitive, however, Ontario mining has to innovate and find new ways to be technologically and socially progressive.

One of the challenges we face is that declining ore grades at current depths are forcing Ontario mining companies to mine deeper, significantly increasing extraction costs and technological challenges, as well as introducing new safety concerns. Your ability to think creatively about these real-life scenarios may help us transform the way we mine, enabling responsible and sustainable growth of Ontario’s mining industry, while delivering improvement in health, safety and environmental performance through innovation.

Competition is open to Ontario University Students.

Awards:- $15,000

Deadline:- 12-03-2018

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