Closed/Expired: Mobile phone preference innovation challenge

Mobile phone preference innovation challenge

Buying your mobile from your network operator and not elsewhere.

Everyone loves their mobile phone. Over a few decades smartphones have become everyone’s essential everyday tool: young and old alike, whether they are technophobes or technophiles. What is important is choosing carefully. Not paying too much for it, making sure it is practical and meets my expectations.

Nevertheless, over a few years, this market has developed a lot in France. The operators usually sell a mobile and a contract. A person buys a new phone for 1 euro, which seems unbeatable. However, as this person commits to paying their subscription every month for one or even two years, the phone ends up costing the same price – or almost – as if it was bought on its own. The price of contracts has also reduced a lot, with low-cost offers which attract young people.And the technology race creates a situation in which people change mobile more and more often.

All these elements mean that, today, some people no longer hesitate in separating the purchase of a contract and a mobile phone and therefore buy a phone on its own, on e-commerce sites or in a department store, where they have more choice. These people consider that the operators’ business is not selling phones but contracts, and therefore, they turn their back on them.

Our customer is a major French operator. It has a very extensive network throughout the country, one which is considered as a quality network by users and it offers a very high performing service: lots of well trained sales people, all over the territory, capable of advising the public on mobiles, etc. The quality of the after-sales service is also a strong point of this operator: replacement of a mobile phone in under 24 hours with delivery to a desired location, replacement of the mobile with a new one within 2 years, etc. A loyalty programme exists, to benefit from advantageous prices. Lastly, recently it has opened a series of more spacious and pleasant stores, where you can touch and try out the phones.

The flip-side to this is that this operator is perceived as expensive, or even upmarket.

Its main problem today is that it is no longer selling as many mobiles as before in store and online. It therefore wants to completely reinvent the purchasing experience to be the preferred option for two specific and difficult to convince target audiences. Among customers from this operator who choose to take a contract out with it, but to buy their mobile phone elsewhere are: women, mainly, who are not very independent and fear getting scammed and men, mainly, who are very knowledgeable and technophiles who love specialised and little known mobiles. (The description of these target audiences is detailed in the Creative Challenge part).

Can you think of a way to convince these people to buy their mobile from their network operator?

Creative Challenge

How can you get people to buy their mobile phone from their network operator rather than elsewhere? Imagine an ideal purchasing experience to be chosen over all the other mobile sellers.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 02-02-2017

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