Closed/Expired: Mobile Weather Station design challenge

Mobile Weather Station design challenge

Weather data is vital to the U.S. military, impacting missions worldwide. The need to collect atmospheric data in numerous remote areas around the world is never going away. This challenge is to design a man-portable system that is capable of collecting atmospheric data from ground level to 10,000 ft. above ground level (AGL). This data needs to be downloaded to a portable computer that that operator will be carrying with them. This system cannot use an external gas source (gas not present in situ and/or naturally present in operating environment that needs to be carried in such as Helium tanks) to lift the sensor to altitude since these gases are not readily available and expensive.

Technical merit: Proposals will be evaluated based on the system’s ability to meet the most or all of the threshold requirements listed in the Rules section of this challenge.


Jason Goins, Team Lead

How to Enter

The submitted proposal should include the following:

1)  A detailed description of the proposed system, no more than 8 pages (NOTE: All pages count so avoid extra pages like title pages or blanks.) Description must include a section (with drawings) detailing each of the following components:
a) The measurement system and components
b) The mechanism to collect the data at altitude or from the ground with a projected error estimate
c) The file storage and transfer mechanism from the system to the RAOB program on a portable computer and/or a smart phone
d) The power system, with an estimate of overall power requirements
e) An estimate of the overall weight and size of the system when stored and deployed/during sample collection


1st place overall winner$15,000.00Awarded for best overall system
Second place winner$9,000.00Awarded for the second best solution for overall capability
Single part solution$3,000.00Awarded for the proposal that best solves either 1) the transport concept (getting the sensor to altitude) or 2) the sensor concept (collecting and transmitting data) better than the 1st and 2nd place winners.
Deadline:- 18-07-2017