Expired: Modular building of the philharmonic competition


The purpose of the architectural competition is to bring attractive ideological solutions for the proposal of a new multi-purpose building of the philharmonic orchestra in České Budějovice.

The topic of the competition is the design of a multi-purpose centre of the South Czech Philharmonic with a variable hall for an audience of up to 1,000 persons, combined with an open stage for open-air concerts with all the necessary amenities for the artists as well as for the visitors of the cultural installation of the South Czech Philharmonic. The competition is hereby announced as public – an anonymous, ideological, one-round architectural competition. The competition is organized for students of architecture and civil engineering, for architecture graduates within 5 years after graduation, as well as for teams of architects – they may include other experts, however, students or recent graduates must present no less than 50% of the team.

Awards:- 1st: €2500, 2nd: €1500, 3rd: €1000

Deadline:- 30-05-2016

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