Modular Food Furniture design competition

Modular Food Furniture design competition

New idea contest on Desall and Enofrigo invite you to propose a concept for an innovative product dedicated to the catering industry, based on new applications of technologies and materials already used by the company.

Company description

Enofrigo, design and functionality for the food service sector
Forty years of passion and unrivalled, innovative and elegant solutions designed to improve the lives of professionals and service quality to customers and users.

What we are looking for

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Enofrigo is looking for a new concept of a functional furniture item for the catering industry, in particular for the HORECA sector (Hotel-Restaurant-Café/Catering) and large retailers, through the study of new applications of its technologies and the use of materials already belonging to the company know-how.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology: you are invited to propose a new concept of functional furniture item designed for the catering industry, an innovative and original item in comparison to the current Enofrigo catalogue, realised thanks to the specific know-how of the company on technologies for the refrigeration/heating/preservation of food and on the industrial processing of the materials. Ideally, your product shall be designed with a view to modularity, with the possibly to assemble the product on the spot, right where it needs to be used.

Functionalities: you are free to propose the functionalities you think most appropriate for this context of use (HORECA and mass retailers), keeping into consideration the need to display, stock and prepare food. In particular, you are invited to suggest how you would apply the technologies already employed in other Enofrigo products or the use of other accessory technologies (already available on the market) in support of the technologies already in use (i.e. hydroponic growing, etc.), always referring them to the foodservice and catering industry.

Technologies: in order to exploit the know-how and experience gained by the company in this industry, your product might use one or more technologies already employed in other Enofrigo products, as long as it presents itself as an innovative and original solution. In particular the main technologies of the company are:
– refrigeration, heating (not cooking) and preservation of food;
– control and management of humidity and temperature in closed compartments.
The product might be electric powered and use electric heating elements, if need be. The use of natural gas for heating food is NOT allowed. Your product shall NOT be a product for cooking food.

Your product might be equipped with digital interfaces for the monitoring and control of the various functionalities. It might have a lighting system and include other technologies compatible with the context of use.

For more information about the technologies used by Enofrigo, please refer to the catalogue attached in the Material files.

Industrial processes and materials: ideally, your product shall be realised through the industrial production technologies already used by Enofrigo or its suppliers, in particular:
– Woodworking;
– Aluminium processing (i.e. cutting, soldering, drilling, bending);
– Stainless steel processing;
– Working of glass and double-glazed panels;
– PMMA processing (i.e. Plexiglass);
– Plastics;
– Insulation with injected polyurethane.

Awards:- €4000 total

Deadline:- 11-06-2020

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