Modular NoteBook

Lisze Siaw
The era of the standard notebook is over. It’s time to wave away the hassle of tearing out pages and running out of them. The NoteBook |Modular| introduces a new way to write, sketch and soar. Its magnetic borders allow users to replace paper easily and efficiently. This notebook is one that will be by your side for life and, like a trusted partner, will make your life easier.
Introducing the notebook re-imagine-the NoteBook|Modular|
By simply adding or reducing papers when needed, maximum quantity of 100 with 50 on either side. If people go wrong with one, the paper could even be changed. Files can be placed in an order in your preference. Or numerically as you need.
Standardized, A4 paper compatibility (optional: US letter/B5 ) gives the user flexibility for their own particular needs and demands.
Blending a sharp design with perfect functionality, magnets are embedded into the Notebook covers ensuring its flexible usage, securing the documents, and enabling the compatibility with various sizes of papers. Now you can use the Notebook freely without worrying about valuable contents falling out.


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