Closed/Expired: MoveTech Challenge Other Candidate Challenge

MoveTech Challenge Other Candidate Challenge

SNCF launch MoveTech, the challenge dedicated to mobility transformation.

We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Some years ago, this phrase pronounced by the American investor and entrepreneur, Peter Thiel, sounded like a death warrant for the future. It was the end of our childhood dreams, driven away by our much less poetic obsession for communication. Thiel did not choose the example of flying cars by accident: from 1900’s postcards imagining the year 2000, to flying engines in science-fiction movies, mobility has always been one of the highest points of our futuristic fantasies.

Only, the thing is, we still believe strongly in the future. And we know that there is a ton of things to invent to transform mobility. That is why SNCF, the French National Railway Company, is launching MoveTech, the first international competition dedicated to solutions to improve daily commute.

Freelances, developers, students… Your mission if you accept it:

You have an idea or a concept that answers to the issues of commute and travel, whatever the distance or means (individual or collective commute, travel alone or carpooling)? We’re interested in hearing your ideas!

You have until the 15th of October to submit your idea answering one of the themes below. SNCF will provide the entire set of mobility data integrated to date in its APIs.

Following the application phase, 10 teams will be selected to participate to the Sprint Days, from the 27th to the 29th of October. Two days of development and prototyping with the support of SNCF experts. The winners will be rewarded and they will earn up to 10,000 euros in the form of financial grants and / or gifts.

Experiment a true entrepreneurial experience, develop your expertise and your credibility in touch with SNCF experts!


Up to 10 000 euros!

20 000 euros will be split between the 3 best projects as presents and financial rewards


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