Mozilla Voice Challenge

Mozilla Voice Challenge

Voice-enabled products are rapidly penetrating both consumer and enterprise markets. The expectations are that in the near future voice interaction will become a key interface for people’s Internet-connected lives.

Currently, the voice product market is heavily dominated by a few giant tech companies. This is unhealthy as it stifles competition and prevents the entry of smaller companies with new and innovative products.

Mozilla wants to change that. Our engagement in the development of voice-related products is a natural reflection of the company’s mission of empowering people to take control of their online experiences. We want to open up the voice product development process, to make it transparent and accessible to everyone. The first two steps in this direction have been the Common Voice project, the compilation of a multilingual, open and publicly available dataset of labeled audio samples to be used to train voice-enabled applications, and Mozilla Speech open source projects (text-to-speech engine, and speech-to-text engine). Now, we’re taking the next step: we would like to identify and integrate a full plan to define the voice technology space by creating a “stack” of open source technologies to support the development of new voice-enabled products.

Awards:- $6,000

Deadline:- 21-08-2019

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