Mymanu CLIK-Truly wireless earbuds with voice translation

Mymanu CLIK-Truly wireless earbuds with voice translation


The world’s first proven truly wireless earbuds that translates your voice in real-time with advanced audio quality.

The Clik is set to revolutionise how we communicate, allowing the wearer to interact with others in different languages, both locally and over a long distance range. With the ground-breaking ability to translate 37 languages in real-time, these earbuds are a pioneering industry first – there’s nothing out there quite like it. Once funded, Clik will help drive collaboration and break down language barriers in new and exciting ways, allowing for comfortable travel, freedom of movement and communication with everyone.

truly wireless earbuds
truly wireless earbuds







CLIK is ideal for a multitude of scenarios, whether you’re enjoying the best music on-the-go or planning an international business trip.

Music lovers: enjoy crystal-clear sound quality wherever you are in the world, and make the most of the ergonomically designed ear buds, which are gentle to the ears all day long.

Travellers: enjoy travel as it should be – with no language barriers, no phrasebooks and no apps, just real-time translations delivered directly to your ear.

Business users: conducting business internationally has never been easier. Break down those language barriers and strike up new global partnerships with CLIK at your side.

CLIK also has scope to be developed into an enterprise solution, which could revolutionise a number of industries and sectors. Imagine how international conferences and exhibitions could be revolutionised if the language barriers were totally demolished? Language is the last barrier to full globalisation and with everyone literally talking the same language potential for growth is incredible.

In the medical/ aid industry  – staff having the ability to understand and interact with those speaking another language in a time of real stress and trauma could boost patients’ peace of mind in stressful situations.

The military could also make use of CLIK in a tangible way, reducing the need for translators in the field and ensuring that nothing is ‘lost in translation’ when it matters most.



1. A stylish charging case with USB port for extra device charging
2. A pair of CLIK earbuds
3. Small, medium or large ear covers
4. A micro USB charging cable

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