Nailbot – The Smartphone Nail Art Printer

Nailbot - The Smartphone Nail Art Printer

Nailbot prints custom art directly on nails with your phone in 5 seconds! 3% of proceeds go towards teaching the tech behind Nailbot!

The Nailbot is powered by Preemadonna, a community of dynamic technologists inspiring creativity and self expression with their inventions.

The Nailbot is the Smartphone Nail Art Printer. It prints custom instant nail art directly on your fingernails in 5 seconds! 

3% of our Kickstarter proceeds go towards teaching the tech behind the Nailbot through our partnership with MakerGirl & STEAM Challenges and Curriculum.



1. Prep

Paint your nails with a light colored base coat. Although the Nailbot can print on any color- we like white since it makes the art pop!

2. Personalize

Use the Nailbot mobile app to select what you would love to wear on your nails: emojis, pictures of your best friends, or even your own art! (Nailbot will work with both iOS & Android based phones.)

3. Print

Tap print and in 5 seconds that art will instantly appear on your nail, simple as that!



Art is the ultimate representation of creativity and self expression. Our art collections are from real people – real Preemadonnas – who are sharing their point of view with the world.


1. Design in Your Favorite External Web or Mobile App Software Programs and Upload to Google Drive, Adobe Creative Creative Cloud, Instagram or even your Camera Roll. The Nailbot Print App will sync with these cloud based applications.

2. Design Within the Nailbot Print App. We are working on this functionality and it will be a premium feature that will have a monthly membership fee.

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3. Submit to our free Artist Challenges for a chance to be featured on our website and Nailbot mobile app. We are building a complete art marketplace for promising Preemadonna artists to sell their own designs!


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Take a selfie with your BFF or snap a shot of your cute pets and print them with the Nailbot!


Print all your favorite emojis on your nails, thanks to the open source, EmojiOne! Check out this cool cheatsheet as well, to see how their emojis compare to the ones you use most commonly on your smart phones and on social media.


Use your favorite nail polish brands and colors to prep your nail. We recommend a white or light colored polish to make the art pop.


We are finalizing ways for Preemadonnas to code their own nail art – especially their own emoji – within the Nailbot app. We are particularly inspired by Google’s Made with Code (Code your Emoji Project) using Blockly. In the interim, we will feature art coding challenges on our website and through our community partners, and feature the winning coded emoji in our Nailbot app.


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Preemadonna has already proven our ability to develop and use computer vision in our products. An early Preemadonna printer prototype was able to use the front facing camera to capture a picture of the nail and find the edges. Preemadonna’s augmented reality app, scheduled to beta release in late 2016, finds the edges of the nail in near real time using your smartphone’s camera to appropriately place the graphic onto the nail. For the Nailbot shipped, we will combine the computer vision functions of our augmented reality app with the printing functions to be able to automatically size the art to fit each user’s nail size.

  • Embedded Vision Alliance, Vision Tank, Finalist & Audience Award  (Best Product Using Computer Vision – NAILBOT)
  • TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s 2015 Startup Battlefield Finalist
  • First runner up at Silicon Valley Robotics’ 2015 Robot Launch
  • Girls in Tech’s 2015 Lady Pitch Night SF Finalist
  • 25 Women in Robotics to Know (RoboHub)

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