Closed/Expired: Nantes Creative Generations Forum 2017

Nantes Creative Generations Forum 2017

Nantes Creative Generations (NCG) is a programme set up by Nantes Métropole and the City of Nantes, in partnership with local NGOs, toward young adults from Nantes and all over Europe. It aims at encouraging and gathering young people involved in original initiatives, innovative projects that help strengthen the notion of citizenship, of living together. In this way, several actions are proposed throughout the year: Forum, Cooperation award, NCG on Tour. The Forum is the most important part of Nantes Creative Generations. Each year, it brings together young adults from all Europe in Nantes to share experiences.

Everywhere in Europe, from Amsterdam to Séville, from Warsaw to Nantes, the youth engage and innovate in order to strengthen life quality in their community. Developing relations between citizens, solidarity, protection of the environment, artistic collaboration – every initiative is unique but all of them pursue a common objective: to strengthen the notion of “living together”. In order to allow these young people to meet, to learn and perhaps to experiment with new forms of projects with a European dimension, the Nantes Creative Generations Forum brings together every year participants from Nantes and Europe to present a concrete initiative.

The objective is to encourage and stimulate European exchanges so that they can go further together. As well as showcasing their own projects, participants will have the chance to learn from peers across Europe and to gain better understanding of the European dimension of local projects. A unique opportunity to develop a project, reinforce / create a network, exchange good practices, strengthen English skills, etc. The 2017 Forum will take place in Nantes from October 25-28, 2017.


  • Transport, accommodation and food costs are covered for 2 participants maximum per project.
  • Participants are asked to book their transport tickets themselves. The organization will then refund travel expenses up to 400 Euros per person, according to the original receipts and tickets sent by the participants. Refunds are provided approximatively 2 months after the Forum.

Deadline:- 01-06-2017

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