Expired: NASA distributed electric propulsion commuter aircraft design competition

NASA distributed electric propulsion commuter aircraft design competition

Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) is an emerging aircraft design concept that has the potential to improve aircraft performance in a number of areas, including efficiency, takeoff and landing performance, emissions, noise abatement, safety, and ride quality. For this design challenge, a commuter aircraft mission was chosen to explore the benefits of applying DEP technology.

The design concepts must make significant use of DEP. The main source of thrust for the concept may come from DEP or a combination of DEP and conventional propulsion devices (turboprops, turbofans, etc.). The challenge for the design team is to determine the most advantageous application of DEP for their aircraft and to justify their selection. The mission requirements listed below should be considered the minimum thresholds. Proposed designs should significantly outperform a conventional turboprop aircraft of similar size and mission in one or more key areas (e.g. cruise efficiency, takeoff & landing performance, operating cost, emissions, noise abatement, safety) through the application of DEP. Design teams will need a solid understanding of DEP technology and an awareness of current state-of-the-art DEP research. They must decide how to apply DEP in a way that will make their design attractive to a potential customer (domestic and foreign airlines, cargo carriers, governments, etc.) when compared to a turboprop aircraft that only meets the threshold requirements.

Awards:- All monetary awards, including student internships, are subject to available funds.

Deadline:- 16-05-2016

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