Nasa in-situ materials challenge

Nasa in-situ materials challenge

Through Nasa in-situ materials challenge the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks proposals for systems that will convert in situ materials into interlocking structural elements for construction that can support exploration on a planet. NASA’s focus is to support extra-terrestrial exploration on the Moon or on Mars, but the technology could also be useful on Earth.

SUCCESS CRITERIA Demonstrate and/or provide analysis that shows a method for converting granular regolith or basalt into a useful product to support manufacture of structural elements. Define a materials production system configuration that preferably meets the constraints summarized in Challenge document Your proposal should demonstrate and/or provide analysis for meeting the payload constraints of Table 2 in the Challenge document, assuming an unlimited supply of in situ regolith or basalt.

Prizes:- 1st $10,000, x2 2nd US$2,500


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