Closed/Expired: NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge

NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge

We are pleased to announce that the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge will be held once again in 2016. The objective of the Sample Return Robot Challenge is to develop new technologies or apply existing technologies in unique ways to create robots that can autonomously seek out samples and return to a designated point in a set time period.

Level 1 will take place 6-11 June 2016. Participants and spectators can expect Level 1 competition on June 7-11th. All on-site teams will participate in event promotion, robot demonstration, and K-12 outreach on June 10-11th. Level 2 will take place on 2-5 Sept 2016. Participants can expect Level 2 competition on Sept 3-4th (weather-permitting). In order to be eligible to win the Challenge, teams must successfully submit all required documentation, pass all inspections, and complete the Level 1 and Level 2 portions of the Challenge. Level 1 will be considered a qualifying portion of the Challenge in which all competitors will be given the opportunity to compete prior to attempting Level 2. Teams who successfully complete Level 1 will be given the opportunity to attempt Level 2. If a Team has previously accepted Level 2 auto-qualification status, the team will not be given a Level 1 attempt opportunity and is ineligible to win additional Level 1 prize money.

Awards:- Prizes: LEVEL 1 PRIZE A pool of $50,000, LEVEL 2 PRIZE total of $2,390,000

Deadline:- 07-01-2016

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