Closed/Expired: Nespresso capsules A Second Life design challenge

Nespresso capsules A Second Life design challenge

By creating a clever and functional product made from secondary aluminum, Nespresso wants to raise awareness and underline the material’s versatility and attractiveness. Their goal is for the public to acknowledge the following statements:

  • Recycled secondary aluminum is not waste, but a very valuable and versatile material.
  • Recycled secondary aluminum inspires creativity in design professionals.
  • Recycled secondary aluminum can make everyday life easier. To prove this, Nespresso intends to produce an exclusive prototype of the winning concept.
  • Nespresso capsules can therefore have a second life if they are recycled correctly.

Nespresso’s overarching goal is to encourage people who aren’t yet recycling aluminum – and especially Nespresso capsules – to change their behavior and start recycling regularly.


Your product design should consider the following:

  • A bold and iconic design
  • Clever functionality is key – no artistic sculptures and/or fashion items
  • Aluminum and other materials: Nespresso is looking for a product that mainly consists of secondary aluminum (min. 70%). However, your product idea may involve elements that do not consist of aluminum – for example, you could propose an iconic bicycle design – but for obvious reasons, its tires, wheels, breaks etc. are not made of aluminum. In this case, the frame and other main components would be aluminum.
  • In order to highlight which parts of your product are made from aluminum, you need to provide one visualization including only the aluminum components of your product design.
  • Fit for prototyping so feasibility is an important aspect. In case of doubt: keep it simple!
  • Do not brand your design concept with the Nespresso logo as the secondary aluminum consists not only of Nespresso capsules, but recycled aluminum in general.
  • The product doesn’t need to relate to coffee as it is not for Nespresso specifically. It also should not relate to any form of food consumption (e.g. cutlery or dishes). (See Update June 20th)​
  • However, please feel free to find some sort of fit or design element that relates your product to Nespresso on a higher level and without branding (e.g. color code of Nespresso aluminum capsules).
  • As Nespresso intends to produce an exclusive prototype of the winning design proposal, it is important that you keep the feasibility in mind.

As an indication of how exciting and attractive your product and design proposal should be, you could think about what you would give to your best friend as a wedding present.

Note: You’ll find additional information about ‘secondary aluminum’ in the project folder.

Update – June 20th 2017

Please focus exclusively on designs that are non-food related! Due to the complexity surrounding products related to the packaging, processing and consumption of foods, please do not submit any designs intended for foods and beverages.


  • Functional & Sustainable
  • Bold & Simple
  • Innovative & Progressive
  • Attractive & Useful