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Nestlé NAN Optipro contest

Parenthood is an adventure where each parent has to find their style of parenting. By the time one’s first baby is 6 months old, mums and dads start to feel more confident as parents, and discover themselves as parents, not just as spouses. By this time, hopefully baby sleeps through the night, smiles, plays and interacts with the parents. Every day parents do a lot of things for their baby: to encourage him to learn, to discover, to grow, to try new things both in the familiar context of home, and outside in new, yet safe environments. More than anything, a baby needs to feel his parent’s love, and each parent expresses this in different ways: by cuddling, reading, singing, dancing, making funny faces, playing. Moms have had the baby growing inside them for 9 months, so when the baby’s born, her natural instinct rises to the fore. For dads, it’s a bit different. It takes longer. They sometimes make mistakes; they try things, they fail, they try again; they’re ambitious for their kids and have to face everyday challenges and surprises! But by the time the baby reaches 6 months, Dad starts to feel really comfortable in his ‘new shoes.’

NAN OPTIPRO is a brand dedicated to babies’ nutrition. Their mission is to be part of shaping babies’ health, along with the parents who shape babies’ future.

NAN OPTIPRO would like to create content for Father’s Day 2016 and show that not only mums, but also dads, shape babies’ future.

In this campaign- that you will help create, NAN OPTIPRO wants to show how wonderful fathers are and how grateful mothers are to them for everything they do for their baby. This new campaign celebrates fathers, as seen through mom’s loving eyes.

Do you want to join NAN OPTIPRO to celebrate fathers like they deserve?

Creative Challenge

Through the mother’s loving eyes, celebrate the new father-baby (6-12 months old) relationship as they enjoy simple, everyday, great moments together up close, on film.

Dads are not moms. Their manifestations of love are often different … in tone, the types of activities and interactions they engage in with baby.

It’s impossible for a woman to predict what kind of father the man she loves will be once the baby arrives. But by 6 months, a dad is born in all his glory. And, moms feel great joy when their husbands find their natural footing as a dad. It’s beautiful and heartwarming to observe. Your video should showcase this.

The tone of the video should reflect a warm family atmosphere. The scene is a daily moment between a dad and his baby aged 6 to 12 months old. Even if the moment is not extraordinary – just a dad bathing his little girl, singing a lullaby to a baby at night, being a clown to make his daughter smile, kicking a ball in the park as his son watches in the stroller, or showing him/her a lady bug on a flower – we feel that there’s a deep bond between them, and that mom is relishing this moment as she looks on.

NAN OPTIPRO has a song that they would like you to use. You can use the track as is, or just the melody that you can re-orchestrate, if needed. (See guidelines and download it)

The idea you should express in your video is that Mom is elated and proud of what a wonderful father her husband is, as he shapes the future of his baby.

Your video should be an ode to loving Dads who rise to the challenge of fatherhood – one that people would share with their friends on Father’s Day. It must feel personal and authentic. We don’t want TVCs for infant formula (oh no!), we’re looking for snippets of life… beautiful moments, with real smiles, real laughs, but also real tears, real emotions… captured up-close.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

A good video for this contest could show a baby seated on a rug in an urban living room. In front of him, his dad on all fours, looks at the baby. At the beginning, he’s quiet. And he starts making really strange faces and animal noises. You can tell they’re both having a wonderful time. Watching them play is very entertaining, even more for the mum who records the scene. For sure she hasn’t seen her husband do these expressions in the decade she has known him. The baby eats up every second of it.

Another video could show a baby, lying in a baby lounger. Close to him, his dad is playing the piano, a nice melody that will hopefully help the baby sleep. As he plays, he keeps an eye on his son and once he notices the baby starts to fall asleep, he starts playing quieter. The atmosphere is very quiet and gentle. The dad comes to the camera, we understand the mum was recording this scene. The telephone that was filming is put on a table and the camera continues to record mum and dad dancing in the silence and looking at each other intensely.


Jury’s Prize

  • #1 Prize €11,000
  • #2 Prize €6,000
  • #3 Prize €3,000

Deadline:- 27-03-2016

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