Closed/Expired: New work space competition

New work space competition

New work space competition is a new concept to discuss ideas about the future of cities and societies. Inspired by the book “Einstein’s Dreams” by Alan Lightman and “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino, Ideas Forward created a webseries organized by seasons each of which is composed of several webisodes. Each webisode culminates with the launch of an architectural design contest. At the end of each season a book will be published with the whole story and you, with your projects, can be part of it!

“Levi-The Suspended City” is the first of four episodes that we will develop on the concept of futuristic cities. Based on the theme of the 4 elements, we wish to draw man closer to nature and explore optimisation of the city in the building for the benefit of nature. In this episode we reflect on the theme “Air”. We want to think of new relationship dynamics between housing, trade, and services, making a reflection of the city within the building and bridging the needs of contemporary societies. We seek new dynamic of movement, integration, and relationship between all parties, adapting the building to current and future requirements.

Award:- Prize: 1st €1250 2nd €500 3rd €250

Deadline:- 30-11-2015

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