Expired: New Zealand-India Sustainability Challenge 2017

New Zealand-India Sustainability Challenge 2017

Are you an undergraduate student passionate about the environment? Enter the New Zealand-India Sustainability Challenge for a chance to win an internship at New Zealand universities. You could be working with other students from India and New Zealand to come up with your own sustainable solution to an environmental or social problem.

Students from the winning team win a three-week all expense paid internship at prestigious universities in New Zealand. The internship will include classroom lectures, industry engagement and the chance to collaborate with New Zealand undergraduate students. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore New Zealand.


Find an environmental or social problem on your campus or the surrounding community, and work with your team to find an innovative sustainable practice to solve it.

Base your project on one of these themes:

  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Multicultural/inter-faith sustainability
  • Environmental education
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Waste management
  • Agriculture

Your team will be judged on how innovative, feasible and scalable your sustainable solution is.


  • Six shortlisted teams – each consisting of two students and a faculty mentor – will be chosen to take part in the finale.
  • The six teams will collaborate with students from New Zealand universities to find an innovative solution to a sustainability issue of their choosing. They will also visit a sustainability facility as an incentive.
  • The winning team will win a trip to visit three New Zealand universities, interning at each of the universities for a week. The faculty member on the winning team will be able to observe the sessions.
  • The Challenge is an opportunity for Indian institutions to partner with New Zealand universities and explore the New Zealand way of teaching and learning.
  • There will also be prizes for regional and finale runners-up.

Deadline:- 08-08-2017

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